EMPSi's energy services range from constraints analysis, permitting, compliance and construction monitoring for renewable and conventional energy projects throughout North America.  This experience includes:

Geothermal Resources Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
EMPSi prepared a Programmatic EIS for Geothermal leasing for BLM and FS lands in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.  Work tasks include holding scoping meeting in ten western cities, and preparation of a biological assessment as well as the PEIS.  This project won the Environmental Business Energy Award.

Energy Transmission Project in Colorado and New Mexico.
EMPSi is preparing a Plan of Development and Environmental Impact Statement for a new 230 kV transmission line from the Shiprock, New Mexico area through Farmington to Ignacio, Colorado. Known constraints in this area include natural and cultural resources, steep terrain, limited access, dense development, and current and future mining activities. Other issues for consideration include Traditional Cultural Properties (TCPs); the San Juan, La Plata, and Animas rivers; and the public’s concern about economic development and safety.

Bull Mountain Unit Master Oil and Gas Development Plan and EIS, Southwest Colorado
EMPSi is preparing a Master Development Plan and associated third-party EIS for natural gas exploration and development of up to 146 natural gas wells (approximately 50 percent shale/sandstone gas and 50 percent coalbed methane natural gas), four water disposal wells, and associated infrastructure on federal and private mineral leases within a federally unitized area known as the Bull Mountain Unit. The Bull Mountain Unit is located approximately 30 miles northeast of the Town of Paonia. Notable services include resource surveys, public outreach, mitigation, and analysis related to fracking.

Mancos Shale/Gallup Formation Oil and Gas EIS, San Juan Basin, NM
EMPSi is preparing an oil and gas resource management plan amendment and associated EIS to guide management of federal lands in the Mancos Shale/Gallup Formation within the BLM’s Farmington Field Office. The planning area, located in northwestern New Mexico, encompasses over 8 million acres of mixed land ownership. Conducting resource studies for biological and cultural resources and inventorying trails and roads. Conducting extensive public outreach and preparing a biological assessment to support Section 7 consultation. EIS analysis addresses potential oil and gas exploration and development activities. 

Restoration Design Energy Project for the BLM Arizona State Office.
EMPSi prepared a Programmatic EIS (PEIS) for 12 million acres of BLM land in Arizona to encourage development of renewable energy. The PEIS addresses environmental, social, infrastructure constraints and provides a statewide programmatic approach to identifying previously disturbed lands suitable for leasing for renewable energy. The PEIS also pioneered an innovative analysis of 60 publicly nominated sites potentially suitable for solar or wind energy development.

Solar PV Generation Project in San Luis Obispo County, California.
EMPSi prepared an Environmental Impact Statement analyzing a proposed 550-MW solar project and 35-mile transmission line reconductoring process in San Luis Obispo County, California. Prominent issues included federally listed species and traffic and transportation.

EA and Permitting for the Salt Wells Geothermal Power Plant, Nevada
EMPSi staff served as the project manager for EA and permitting for the development of a binary cycle geothermal power plant and associated infrastructure on public lands administered by the BLM, Carson City Field Office.  EA assessed impacts from building and operating the power plant and wells, constructing six miles of 230kV power lines, and over ten miles of access roads.

Environmental Equivalency Report for Wind Generation Project in Baja, Mexico.
EMPSi prepared an environmental equivalency report for a wind generation facility constructed in Mexico that will deliver renewable energy to California. Under California law, in order for renewable power generated out of state to count towards the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, the facility must be constructed and operated in a manner that is as protective of the environment as a similar facility would be if it were located within California. The report analyzed the facility requirements for environmental and human protection under Mexican law and compared these to the requirements a facility would face if constructed in California to demonstrate equivalency.

Wind Energy Generation Project in Charles Mix County, South Dakota.
EMPSi provided permitting and resource constraints analysis support for a 99 MW wind energy facility on approximately 6,300 acres of private land in southwestern Charles Mix County, South Dakota. The Project would consist of modifying the Western Area Power Administration’s Fort Randall Dam substation and/or constructing a new substation on the project site; constructing, operating, and maintaining wind turbines, electric collector lines, a collection substation, and an interconnection to the Fort Randall Dam substation; and constructing and maintaining access roads. Key issues include whooping crane, bald and golden eagles, bats, and possible jurisdictional wetlands.

Solar PV Generation and Transmission Project in Clark County, Nevada.
EMPSi provided NEPA, permitting, and construction compliance for a 250-MW solar field and associated 500-kV generation-tie transmission line, water line, communication line, and access road on BLM and private land near Boulder City, Nevada. Project required working closely with the BLM’s Renewable Energy Coordination Office in Las Vegas, proper analysis of the solar field as a non-federal connected action, and assisting with Section 7 and Section 10 consultation with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Solar PV Generation Project in Maricopa County, Arizona.
EMPSi managed NEPA compliance for a 400-MW solar project in Maricopa County, AZ. Project was approved for the US Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program.

Solar PV Generation Facility
For a confidential client, EMPSi prepared NEPA compliance documents for five separate sites in the southwestern US. Key issues include biological resources, encumbrances, cultural resources, and visual resources. Transmission lines and substations are nearby for all five sites, but some sites required additional capacity.

EMPSi provides services to five market sectors:


Land and Natural Resources




Energy Siting Constraints Analysis and Sustainability

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Impact Analysis

Natural Resources Compaliand and Surveys

Public Outreach