Our Land and Natural resource services range from planning through implementation and include all supporting technical studies.  Our staff’s experience includes:

Resource Management Plan and EIS, Uncompahgre Field Office, Colorado
EMPSi is assisting with the management and preparation of an RMP and EIS for the BLM covering over 3 million acres in six Colorado counties. Work tasks included scoping; identifying issues; preparing a renewable energy potential report, a coal potential report, and a socioeconomic baseline report; facilitating the alternative development process; coordinating with 19 Cooperating Agencies and a public workgroup; and conducting all phases of the EIS.

Genetically Modified Crops
EMPSi assisted the US Fish and Wildlife Service with public outreach for a proposal to plant genetically modified crops on Wildlife Refuges in the Southeastern United Sates. 

Greater Sage Grouse Planning Strategy and EISs, Western US
EMPSi is working with the BLM and Forest Service to amend over 100 land use plans covering over 200 million acres of federal estate in eight western sites to provide adequate protection to conserve the sage grouse and prevent it from being listed under the Endangered Species Act. EMPSi is preparing eight separate EISs. EMPSi is providing technical expertise, public outreach, comment analysis (for over 80,000 comments), and coordination with federal, state, local agencies. More information click here.

Resource Management Plan and EIS, Winnemucca Field Office, Nevada
EMPSi is assisting with the management and preparation of an RMP and EIS for the BLM covering over 11 million acres in six Nevada counties. Work tasks included scoping and issue identification report and an economic report; facilitated the alternative development process and coordinated with Cooperating Agencies and a public workgroup; implemented a web-based tool to disseminate information and facilitate communication and conducting all phases of the EIS.

Northeast Nevada Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary RMP Amendment/EIS, Elko District Office, Nevada.
EMPSi is assisting the BLM in assessing a proposed 500,000 acre wild horse Eco-Sanctuary. The project is a joint public-private Wild Horse Partnership on BLM-administered and private lands that would amend the Wells Field Office RMP to identify the Eco-Sanctuary, and design features and best management practices (BMPs) to protect resource values.  The project includes a comprehensive Eco-sanctuary Management Plan that would provide management for eco-tourism, recreation, education and public outreach.

National Greater Sage-Grouse Planning Strategy, BLM and US Forest Service, Western US.
EMPSi assisted the BLM and US Forest Service with NEPA analysis to amend resource management plans (RMPs) as part of the Greater Sage-grouse National Planning Strategy to reflect new conservation measures to protect greater sage-grouse throughout its range. RMPs will be amended in California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and North and South Dakota.

Sonoran Desert National Monument RMP/EIS, Arizona.
EMPSi assisted with the RMP/EIS for the Lower Sonoran Desert National Monument.  The RMP/EIS assessed the environmental and socioeconomic impacts from revised planning decisions within the 1.4 million acre Lower Sonoran Field Office and a new RMP in the half million acre Sonoran Desert National Monument. EMPSi worked closely with the BLM Arizona State Office staff and BLM Washington Office to meet the court-ordered deadline on this fast-tracked project. Issues included livestock grazing management, recreational target shooting, lands with wilderness characteristics, renewable energy siting and planning, and travel management.

Wind Project Environmental Assessment. Charles Mix County, South Dakota.
EMPSi is preparing an environmental assessment for a new 99 MW wind energy facility in on approximately 6,300 acres of private land located in southwestern Charles Mix County, South Dakota. EMPSi conducted preliminary biological and wetland surveys on-site and is coordinating more extensive biological surveys for birds and bats. Key issues include whooping crane, bald and golden eagles, bats, and possible jurisdictional wetlands.

Environmental Assessment and Invasive Plant Management Plan for Redwood National Park and Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. National Park Service. California.
EMPSi is preparing an environmental assessment and Invasive Plant Management Plan for two National Parks in California. Other tasks include coordinating public involvement, alternatives development, and preparation of a decision guidance document for other parks to use when preparing Invasive Plant Management Plans.

Wetland Permitting, for Gilpin County Transportation Project. Colorado
EMPSi conducted a jurisdictional wetland delineation and prepared the necessary Section 404 permits in support of Gilpin County’s proposal to build a connector access road across a perennial creek and associated riverine wetlands.  Tasks included mitigation review and assisting in the project design to minimize impacts to the wetlands and creek.

Pocatello Field Office RMP and EIS, Idaho
EMPSi assisted with the preparation of an RMP and EIS covering over 600,000 acres of BLM  lands in southeastern Idaho.  Specific tasks  included preparing supporting studies, facilitating alternative development, conducting impact analysis, addressing public input, and document production.  Sagebrush habitat, fire, public access, and recreation are dominant issues  addressed in the plan.
Land and Natural Resources
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