EMPSi provides environmental services to the water sector.  Our services include alternative analysis, permitting for new construction and environmental documentation for NEPA.  Our staff’s experience, through their experience at EMPSi and elsewhere, includes:

Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System Environmental Impact Statement.
The Bureau of Reclamation awarded a $4.28 million contract to EMPSi for support services associated with the development of an environmental impact statement for the future Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System in Santa Fe County, NM.  The regional water system will provide a clean, reliable source of drinking water to the Nambe, Pojoaque, San Ildefonso and Tesuque pueblos as well as Santa Fe County residents living in the Pojoaque Basin, and decrease reliance on diminishing groundwater supplies which may have impaired water quality. Additionally, the project will supply water for fire suppression and support future population growth in the area.

US Bureau of Reclamation Environmental and Engineering Services, Mid Pacific Region
EMPSi is managing a $60 million IDIQ contract with the US Bureau of Reclamation Mid-Pacific Region to perform environmental compliance and management services including hydrology, ecosystem management, biological and cultural resources, climate change, and other services.

Wild and Scenic River Evaluations and Ecological Assessments, Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area (NCA), CO
In support of a land use plan to manage the rivers, riparian areas, and uplands within the Dominguez-Escalante NCA, EMPSi conducted a wild and scenic evaluation of the Dominguez Creek, Big Dominguez Creek, Little Dominguez Creek, and Gunnison River. A detailed assessment was conducted for ecological conditions, river ecosystem function, riparian areas, water quality, flow regimes, and stream channel manipulation (e.g., impoundments, diversions, straightening, and rip-rapping). Identified areas with outstanding resource values and those requiring special management or restoration.  Used aerial imagery and GIS to document historic and current conditions. 

Carlsbad Project Water Operations and Water Supply Environmental Impact Statement
EMPSi personnel provided project management and technical assistance for the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to address changes to the operation of three dams along the Pecos River in order to conserve the federally protected Pecos bluntnose shiner. 

Bureau of Reclamation Havasupai Bar Four Community Development EA, Havasupai Reservation, AZ
EMPSi staff managed an environmental assessment (EA) for a proposed community development project along the rim of the Grand Canyon on Havasupai Tribal land.  The US Bureau of Reclamation was the lead agency for the project, with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Services serving as cooperating agencies. 

Water Management Plan of the Greenbelt Area at Naval Air Station Fallon, NV
EMPSi staff developed six alternative land management regimes and a model to determine water savings under each plan in accordance with the water conservation principles of the Truckee-Carson-Pyramid Lake Water Settlement Act of 1990.  Worked with local stakeholders, including the Bureau of Reclamation.

Water Use, Agricultural, and Recreational Economic Technical Analysis for the CALFED Bay-Delta Program, Northern California
EMPSi staff performed technical and compliance review of feasibility reports addressing water use and conservation.  Reports included Agricultural Water Economics, Recreation Economics, Municipal and Industrial Water Use, Fish and Wildlife Water Use, Land Use, and Power Production.

Bureau of Reclamation Assessment and Facilitation for the Colorado River Salinity Control Project, US Bureau of Reclamation, Yuma, AZ. 
EMPSi staff prepared a conflict assessment addressing how the US Bureau of Reclamation can meet the salinity and flow requirements for delivering Colorado River water to Mexico, while remaining in compliance with various laws and international treaties.  Over 50 agencies and organization participated in the meetings.

Bureau of Reclamation Environmental Assessment for the Middle Rio Grande Supplemental Water Program, NM.
EMPSi staff served as project manager for a Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) evaluating potential environmental and socioeconomic effects of a water management program for the middle Rio Grande in central New Mexico. 

Bitter Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Restoration and EA. 
EMPSi provided planning and NEPA compliance services to assist the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Bureau of Reclamation in restoring the hydrology, geomorphology, and aquatic and riparian ecosystem along the Pecos River.  Critical issues included threatened fish species, promoting native vegetation, and maintain adequate river flows.
EMPSi provides services to five market sectors:


Land and Natural Resources




Energy Siting Analysis and Sustainability

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Impact Analysis

Natural Resources Compaliand and Surveys

Public Outreach