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Environmental Update

Ruling in Oklahoma County Could Affect Oil and Gas Drilling.  A Federal district court invalidated a lease and drilling permits on tribal lands in Osage County on the grounds that federal agencies failed to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act.  Read more.

USDA allots $40 million to protect sage grouse.  Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is making $40 million in conservation funding available to farmers and ranchers operating within the greater sage grouse's 11-state range in the western U.S.   Read more.

New, Interactive Web Tool to Show Effects of 16-Year Drought in the Colorado River Basin.   The specialized web tool, otherwise known as Drought in the Colorado River Basin – Insights Using Open Data, shows the interconnected results of a reduced water supply as reservoir levels have declined from nearly full to about 50 percent of capacity.  Read more.

DOI Streamlines Renewable Energy Leasing on Indian Land.   Interior Secretary Salazar announces final regulations to streamline leasing.  Read more.

Historic Conservation Campaign Protects Greater Sage-Grouse.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service determines federal land management plans and partnerships with states, ranchers, and NGOs avert ESA listing by conserving America’s “Sagebrush Sea.  Read more.

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Guidance Issued. Draft Guidance issued for Consideration of the Effects of Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Read more.

BLM issues guidance requiring multiple pre-application meetings before a solar or wind application will be accepted. Pre-application meetings help BLM identify stumbling blocks in advance of application review to smooth the application approval process. Read the guidance here.

USFWS and BLM Issue Guidance for Wind Energy Development and Golden Eagle Conservation.  The guidance is part of the agencies’ efforts to streamline the NEPA and permitting process for renewable energy projects. Read the press release here.

BLM issues Sage Grouse Guidance.  The Bureau of Land Management has issued guidance for immediate and longer-term conservation of the greater sage-grouse and its sagebrush habitat in 10 western
states. Read more.

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Environmental Management & Planning Solutions, Inc
EMPSi News

Lower Sonoran National Monument.  EMPSi has been awarded a contract to prepare a resource plan for the Lower Sonoran National Monument.  Learn more.

Yosemite National Park Wilderness EIS.  EMPSi was awarded a two year contract to prepare an EIS for Yosemite National Park. The scoping materials and Notice of Intent are available online. 

Panoche Valley Solar EIS.-The Final EIS has been published and is available online.  Read more.

Rio Grande Operating Agreement EIS - EMPSi was awarded a contract by US Bureau of Reclamation to prepare an EIS on the implementation of the Rio Grande Operating Agreement through 2050.   Read more.

Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas Resource Management Plan – The US Bureau of Land Management awarded a three-year contract to EMPSi to prepare an RMP/EIS for the Revision of this tri-state Resource Management Plan.  Read more.

Truckee Canal EIS – The US Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a multi-year contract to EMPSi to provide environmental services for the Truckee Canal Extraordinary Operation and Maintenance program.

Osage County Oil & Gas EIS – The Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Land Management have awarded a two-year contract to prepare an EIS for all mineral estate lands in Osage County, Oklahoma.

US Bureau of Reclamation selects EMPSi for Pojoaque water project.   Under the $4.28 million contract EMPSi will prepare environmental compliance documents for the Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System near Santa Fe, NM.  Read more.

Department of the Interior Awards EMPSi $9M IDIQ Environmental Contract -
EMPSi has been awarded a contract to provide environmental support to the US Fish and Wildlife Service and other Department of the Interior bureaus.  Read more.